bat signal

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for batsignal to work, please enable notifications. click on the green lock in the address bar, then set notifications to Allow.
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just a test

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clicking Subscribe will ask to show notifications. click allow. 10 seconds later, even if you've closed the tab, everyone who is subscribed will get a demo push notification

summon your heros. save the city.

bat signal is a tool for political organizations to send push notifications to supporters.

use this to pack meetings, blow up politicians' phone lines, comment on a fresh news article, or call in to a radio show. use it to remind people on the morning of a protest. use it only for good.

the rules

how it works

  1. link your supporters to

  2. they sign up for notifications

  3. when things are about to go down, activate your signal

    even if they are neither on your website nor ours, they'll be notified! browsers support push notifications nowadays.

sign up

  1. email boss at

    tell us who you are. tell us whether you're a 501c3, 501c4, or other type of political organization. tell us, if you had these powers already, the most recent thing you would've used them for.

  2. we'll be in touch